The healthcare system is about profit over people. It’s designed to confuse, scare, overcharge and complicate things for all involved. The healthcare system we know today—crazy-high medical bills, misaligned incentives, inaccurate claims—isn’t really healthcare. Or, it shouldn’t be.

We’re on mission to change that. With our innovative health plan management approach to self-funded benefits, we’re helping cut through the fraud, waste and abuse that’s all too common in today’s healthcare industry. We’re partnering with employers, brokers and consultants to lower healthcare costs and improve the health and benefits experience for everyone involved.

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If you’re a broker or consultant:

You’re all too familiar with how the healthcare industry prioritizes profits over people—and the impact it has on your clients and their employees every year. This isn’t what healthcare should be, and they are looking for you to help solve it. Luckily, you don’t have to do it on your own.

If you’re an employer:

When the cost of healthcare is your largest expense, it’s hard to see the employee behind the high claim. It’s easy to see them as just another (expensive) number. But this is not HR. And your employees are more than just a number. We’re here to help you put an end to the status quo and finally get some relief from those mounting healthcare and benefits costs.

This isn’t healthcare either.

According to our recent data study, consumers have a perceived positive experience when it comes to healthcare. At the same time, they admit to not having control over their own healthcare journeys. This just doesn’t make sense — which further proves that healthcare is a mess.

78% say their healthcare experience is positive xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

healthcare costs

69% don’t feel fully empowered to control their healthcare journeys

This giant chasm is what we call “The Consumer Healthcare Paradox.”

High costs & zero transparency should not be healthcare.

It’s no surprise that healthcare costs are through the roof. What’s shocking is how much more employers are paying compared to what Medicare pays for the same claims. And they’re doing so unknowingly. This is abuse. This is not healthcare.


healthcare costs

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