Big Insurer profits are growing every year and your clients are paying for it—literally. Every year their premiums go up without accurate insight as to why. This is abuse. This is not healthcare. Your clients are looking for a partner to protect and help them navigate the system so that their employees can experience healthcare how it should be.


That’s where we come in. We’re here to help you cut through the fraud, waste and abuse that’s impacting your clients’ bottom line. We’re arming benefits brokers and consultants like you with the strategies employers need to reclaim control of their healthcare. Our (me)SELF-FUNDED BENEFITS™ solution provides an innovative approach to benefits that can help save your clients an average of 15 – 20% in their first year.

In fact, after implementing (me)SELF-FUNDED BENEFITS, one of our clients, Leith Automotive Group™, not only solved their problem of unsustainable employee benefit costs, they reduced their year-over-year benefit spend by $3.5 million. We can help your clients solve problems, too.


We’re here to cut through the crap.

We aren’t your average TPA. We don’t do status quo. We don’t rely fully on auto-adjudication. And we certainly don’t do hidden costs. Here are a few ways we set ourselves apart from the crowd when it comes to self-funded benefits:

  • Mindful claims auditing (yes, that means we say “no” to auto-adjudication on large claims)
  • Custom employee engagement campaigns & solutions
  • People-friendly reference-based pricing
  • Actionable data analytics & tools
  • In-house care management team
  • “We’ve got your back” service
  • Full transparency on costs (you read that right – we’ll show you how we make money)

Here’s how we’re different (for benefits brokers).

Here’s how we’re different (for employers).

reference based pricing

Maximizing cost-savings and the benefits experience.

Our proprietary Reference-based Pricing (RBP) Insights Tool uses validated market data to provide a digestible break down on what providers are charging in comparison with their healthcare quality scores. This informs us in price negotiations and identifying safe harbors, so employees can get the right care, at the right place, at the right time. The best part is that we offer this tool at no charge, including all training and support to our premier broker and consultant partners.

Contact us to learn more about our RBP Insights Tool and see how it can be a value-add for your clients and a competitive advantage for your agency.

self-funded insuranceemployee benefits brokersself-funded insurance

Lack of navigation and support shouldn’t be healthcare.

With us as your partner, your clients won’t have to worry. We’ll supply you with the education and resources you need to help your clients’ employees navigate the healthcare system. And our stuff isn’t the traditional, boring employee education crap that no one reads. We do things better and have the stats to prove it. Together, we can empower people to become better consumers of healthcare and reduce the financial burden.



Our business has been built on the relationships we foster with the best benefits brokers and consultants in the industry. That’s why we highlight them in webinars, blog posts and social media (promoted to a nationwide employer audience) to boost their market visibility and help them build their book of business.

Meet, Cory Friedman of GCG Financial. He recently joined us for a webinar on how utilizing employee engagement and education can significantly drive down claim costs for employers and improve the healthcare experience for all.