Customize your engagement experience.

Choose from one of our three options to create an engagement strategy that fits best with your brand, culture and people.

Tier 1
(Not so) Basic

Access to all available educational materials with the option to co-brand with your logo. Cost: All Included in your implementation fee

Tier 2

Everything that’s included in the (Not so) Basic Engagement package, plus customization with your brand colors and copy as requested. Cost: $90/hour (estimated hours to customize can be made available from your Sales Director)

Tier 3

Everything that’s included in the Next-level Engagement package, plus personalized material imagery, employee microsite, custom campaigns and more. Cost: Based on consultation with marketing

Educational resources without the added costs.

Here are a few examples of what we’ll offer your employees for welcome, transition and ongoing support.

Top 5 things your employees should know about our health plan management approach to self-funded benefits.


We’re a health plan administrator. Employers partner with us to administer and manage their health plan. We audit claims and manage the employer’s funds to pay for those claims. Part of auditing includes identifying any fraud and/or inaccurate fees in claims. Our goal is to ensure that employees receive care at a fair price and to be their advocate by helping them navigate the complexities of the healthcare system.


We’re not an insurance carrier. Although it may be confusing, we’re not an insurance company. When an employer chooses to operate and fund their own health plan with a self-funded health plan management model, they are no longer purchasing a fully-insured plan from an insurance carrier. Because of this, they have entrusted us to help administer the health benefits plan that they have designed to better manage claims and costs.


We limit the disruptions. Employees should experience little to no disruptions. Depending on the employer’s self-funded health plan management model, we’ll work with employees to ensure they know where to go to access the highest quality care at the lowest cost.


We provide access to all benefits information anytime, anywhere. With the Maestro Health My Benefits™ web portal and the Maestro Health mBENEFITS™ mobile app, employees can view all of their benefits on an interactive dashboard. They can see things like the plans they are enrolled in or details on their most recent and past submitted claims.


“We’ve got your back” service. We make it easy to get questions answered. Employees can either contact us through the “Message Center” or “Live Chat” feature via the My Benefits web portal.

Here’s what your employees need to do if they receive an unexpected medical bill (aka, balance bill).

1. Notify Maestro Health ASAP. Due to the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), employees only have 60 days to dispute an inaccurate balance with their provider. By notifying us immediately, we’ll be able to put the wheels in motion to assist with the balance bill situation. Employees can reach us Monday – Friday between 8 AM and 8 PM at the number listed on the back of their health plan ID card.

2. Pay your balance. It’s still important that employees pay the balance that we’ve stated they owe, which can be found on their Explanation of Benefits (EOB). They may be able to make payment arrangements with their provider if necessary, but never sign a payment plan or verbally agree to pay more than what’s stated on the EOB.

3. Stay in touch. It’s important to remain responsive to communications regarding the balance bill. Timely, accurate information will help us support employees in the best way possible.