And now you can. You can have a clear look into how your healthcare dollars are being spent. You can have an advocate on your side to negotiate claims on your behalf. You can arm your employees with the tools and resources they need to navigate the scary healthcare and benefits system. You can save millions on healthcare by implementing an innovative self-funded solution. Simple, affordable, transparent: this is what employee health benefits should be.

That’s where we come in. We’re partnering with employers to implement the self-funded benefits strategy you need to reclaim control of your healthcare costs and improve the experience for all employees.

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High costs and financial stress shouldn’t be healthcare.

According to our research, employees’ top two financial concerns are healthcare and saving for retirement. But it’s an employer’s problem, too. Productivity losses from missed work cost employers $225.8 billion—that’s $1,685 per employee, each year, says the CDC.

Download our data study infographic to get more details on employees’ thoughts on healthcare costs and benefits and where they want their employers to help.

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No control over your organization’s spend shouldn’t be healthcare.

Typically, when the end of a plan year is approaching, HR professionals cross their fingers and hope for their premiums to increase only slightly. This is abuse by the Big Insurers. This is not healthcare.

Our health plan management approach to self-funded benefits reduces the amount of money organizations spend on healthcare by an average of 15 – 20% when compared to the previous year.

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Crappy employee education and engagement on health and benefits shouldn’t be healthcare.

The healthcare system is a mess for everyone involved, especially your employees. That’s why we arm your employees with the education and resources needed to help them navigate the healthcare system. Because doing so results in happier employees, better health outcomes and lower costs. But don’t worry—we don’t do status-quo, boring stuff. We offer a range of resources (microsites, open enrollment materials, etc.) that can be customized for your employee population—using language and design that actually engages. We have the stats to prove it.


Healthcare shouldn’t be a struggle.

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One client’s success story.

After implementing (me)SELF-FUNDED BENEFITS, Leith Automotive Group™ not only solved their problem of unsustainable employee benefit costs, they reduced their year-over-year benefit spend by $3.5 million. If you’re looking to change the way you think about healthcare, contact us today.

Employee engagement + RBP: Employers’ secret to lowering healthcare costs.


When 62% of employees feel their employer does not serve as a resource for their healthcare-related questions, it’s time to increase engagement through education. Check out our recent webinar to learn how employee engagement can significantly drive down your claim costs and improve the healthcare experience for your employees.

Plus, hear from one of our innovative broker and consultant partners. Cory Friedman, Vice President of Benefits Consulting at GCG Financial, joined our webinar to share his strategies for implementing a new health plan with high adoption and minimal noise.