What the RBP Insights tool means for you:

  • Differentiates you in the market – Most Brokers & Consultants don’t have access to a tool that translates complex data sets into easily digestible, actionable insights
  • Equips you with real-time healthcare pricing data – So you can finally dosomething about health systems’ notoriously inflated rates
  • Helps you negotiate better reimbursement rates and payments for your clients – Don’t worry, we’ll do all the heavy lifting so you can look like the hero

Check out some quick videos on our RBP Insights Tool.

Discounts don’t mean fair pricing.

Compare provider “discounts” with Medicare-based cost-plus pricing to help your clients lock in reasonable prices.

Same Surgery. Different Price.

Give your clients true transparency into what different hospitals are paying for the same services in their area.

Fight back against balance billing.

Our Reference-based Pricing (RBP) Insights Tool provides you with real cost-to-charge ratios to help with negotiations against unreasonable claims.

Inflated claims are lame.

Help your clients locate providers who charge more reasonable and fair rates (aka, closer to Medicare rates).

Actionable data analytics that puts you back in control.

Our proprietary Reference-based Pricing (RBP) Insights Tool uses validated market data to provide a digestible break down on what providers are charging in comparison with their healthcare quality scores. This informs us in price negotiations and identifying safe harbors, so employees can get the right care, at the right place, at the right time. The best part is that we offer this tool at no charge, including all training and support.

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