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A bitter pill to swallow: Why you should be wary of your pharmacy benefits

The Department of Health and Human Services finalized a rule back in May that would require pharmaceutical companies to disclose the list price of drugs in their direct-to-consumer advertisements. The impetus for this was greater transparency…READ MORE

Taking Action: Using data to fight high costs and low quality in healthcare

When it comes to helping clients get more out of their health benefits, the richest insights come from robust data sets. While most brokers & consultants know the power of robust data, they don’t always know…READ MORE

Don’t leave money on the table: how small employers can save with self-funding

When it comes to self-insurance, the question isn’t should employers self-fund their health plan—it’s why haven’t they already? Self-funding is one of the most effective ways employers can gain control over their healthcare spend and provide better benefits…READ MORE

What Healthcare Should Be

We can all agree on one thing: The current U.S. healthcare system is broken. Many employers have little transparency into why their premiums are increasing year over year at an unsustainable rate…READ MORE